SOLD Good Times
October SOLD
Bright autumn colours in this scarf make a real statement. Soft merino wool and silky Teeswater locks make it as lovely to wear as it is to look at.
A closer look
The detail in this beautiful and original scarf will make it a great talking point. Beautiful to look at and soft and light to touch with lots of texture it is a unique piece.
SOLD How Does Your Garden Grow?
This unique design is handmade in merino wool. It is a luxurious statement piece with lots of detail and long, silky Teeswater locks. Come and see it at the Royal Highland Show.
SOLD Sea Wrack and Jetsam
This original design in soft merino wool is a scarf with lots of quirky detail. Its silk inserts and beautiful colour mix make it a wonderful luxurious scarf to wear and to look at. Come and see it at the Royal Highland Show.
SOLD Left in the Rain
This original scarf has lots of quirky detail. Soft merino wool and silk make sure it feels as beautiful as it looks.
SOLD All Along the Harbour
Handmade felt scarf in merino wool. Original and unique, this design was inspired by the colourful harbours of East Coast Scotland.
SOLD The Buoys Are Back
Unique felt scarf, handmade in merino wool. This scarf is inspired by the colours in the harbour.
SOLD The Mermaid's Garden
Handmade felt scarf, unique, original design in luxurious merino wool. Layers of long, silky, Teeswater locks make this a very special accessory. Beautiful gift idea.
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All photographs copyright Kim MacGillivray and Heidi Burton Photography 

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